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Semantics Ace for Verbal Excellence

In International Languages, Inc.  

♣  A prestigious language school which, specializes in foreign language program, professional translation & interpretation services.
♣  S.A.V.E. International Languages is synonymous with efficient service par excellence and valued language education.  It merges people thru professional interpretation, paves the way for common understanding thru reliable translation, links people to the rest of the world thru systematic foreign language programs.

♣  Indeed, S.A.V.E. International has become a byword in the field of language education for its untiring effort in bridging the gap in verbal and written communication.

♣  It is a language school with a heart! S.A.V.E. International philosophy is to serve with the best effort equated with sincerity.  Trust and commitment are the best elements that it incorporates in its operation.

♣  Professional people, quality service, sincerity in business are the factors that make S.A.V.E. International excel above the rest.